Daily Fantasy Rewards

Win upto 250,000 TJ Coins per match and redeem against your travel booking.

Mega Prizes for the Top Winners

League leaderboard winners will be awarded with Mega Bonus Prizes at the end of the season.

Compete with Travel Agents Nationwide

Feel the adrenaline and the spirit of cricket by competing with your fellow associates across India.

Free to Play

Signup now and receive 1,500 Bonus Cash to play the matches.

Register as an Agent to Play Fantasy!

Win Daily Rewards!

The fantasy league is exclusive for tripjack users. If you are not an existing user click here to register now!

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- Signup using your Tripjack Registered Mobile Number & Email Address

Things to know before Signup!

- Enter your Agency ID in the username

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Tripjack Fantasy is a user engagement platform for tripjack users. Use your cricket skills to create teams and compete on daily match contests to win TJ Coins which are redeemable against your travel bookings. All games are free to play and you can enter contests using Bonus cash given for free once you sign up.

What is Tripjack Fantasy League?

Sign up above and you will receive further details of how to play the fantasy when the matches begins on 19 Sept 2020.

How to play the fantasy?

Winners of each match will be rewarded with TJ Coins. TJ Coins are a reward system which will be available inside your tripjack login after the season is over. You will be able to use TJ Coins to gain additional discounts redeemable against your travel bookings.

What are TJ Coins?

Tripjack fantasy league is for tripjack.com users only. If you have a user ID simply signup to show your interest, else for new users please create your tripjack ID in a few seconds!

Who can play the fantasy league?

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